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It's Personal

Hummingbird 090719.jpg
The unique assortment of landscapes on a neighborhood street in Sacramento celebrates the diversity of a community. Some landscapes are left to their own devices while owners are busy at work. Others get tender loving care from owners who like to prune, hand-water, and weed.

All landscapes, mimicking lesser disturbed ecosystems, go through a life cycle. Gorgeous new landscapes are installed and mature. Trees shade smaller, understory, plants blocking critical energy to survive. Tough species of shrubs outlast eye catching perennials leaving a landscape that is populated by large, imposing woody plants. Nothing takes over the role of smaller plants transitioning to larger foundation plantings.

The challenge of a landscape company in Sacramento is to work with an owner's vision and abilities to bring a long lived landscape to life.
Everyone is unique in what they envision and can maintain. It's a personal endeavor we respect and feel honored to be a participant. 


Wayne Blanchard, Owner

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