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Landscape Design

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Pollinator Friendly Plant

Landscape designs informed by Wayne Blanchard's 30 years of installation and maintenance experience provide your design with critical added value. Value is added because Wayne Blanchard's design can anticipate job site issues and maintenance issues.
Although, the design goal is beauty and function, bringing the design concept to an enduring reality is the ultimate goal. This goal can only be achieved by the informed input of a designer who is knowledgeable about the entire life cycle of a landscape project which includes the build and the maintenance. Wayne Blanchard and the Sacramento Landscape Company can provide that knowledge for you at a reasonable price.
The landscape design process involves a collaboration with the client or client representative. Function, appearance, and cost are key factors. At this point a conceptual drawing is produced. The conceptual drawing emphasizes location and size of plants, hardscape, and structures. The 3D color-rendered, live animation, conceptual drawing helps the client visualize the future landscape.
The next step is a more detailed, final, builder friendly drawing. The final drawing can be something as simple as a planting plan. Or, it can include an irrigation plan, hardscape plan, low voltage lighting plan, and construction plan.

Landscape Design interests include partial and complete residential landscapes, commercial outdoor eating areas, small shared living spaces, and other smaller commercial landscape areas including entrances, seating areas, and small parking lots.

Sacramento Landscape Company can install the designed landscape. 

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Sacramento Landscape Design
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